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Activating Russian Cd Keys

If the game has to be activated with Russian IP/VPN. Follow the instructions below carefully and you can have your game fully activated within 5 minutes.

To activate your game please use this tutorial :
Or contact us and we will activate the game for you.
1: Go to http://hideme.ru/premium/demo/
2: In the green box enter your email address
3: press the button
4: check your email
5: in the email copy the number after Ваш код: (for example Ваш код: 23518)
6: go to http://hideme.ru/vpn/
7: enter the code into the text box headed “Получить VPN доступ:” and press submit
8: download, save, and extract the file that it gives you to download
9: Browse to http://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/downloads.html and download ‘windows installer’
10: run the OpenVPN installer file and install the software (with all options set to install)
11: copy the ‘config’ folder inside the ‘windows’ folder of the zip file you downloaded from hideme.ru to: C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\
12: Start OpenVPN by going Start -> Programs -> OpenVPN -> OPenVPN GUI
13: You will see an icon appear in your taskbar that looks like internet. Right click it and go HideME_Russian_Server -> Connect
14: The program will connect. Once connected you will now have russian IP. You can check by going to http://www.ipaddresslocation.org/ and seeing if it says you are from russia. Now simply start  steam, log in, and activate your game.
Russian Activation Instructions written by another Author:
How to?

1. Open http://hideme.ru/premium/demo/ in your browser.
4. Enter a LEGIT mail address and click on the button.
5. Wait for the mail from feedback@hideme.ru to arrive.
6. Copy the code in the mail.
7. Go to the main page http://hideme.ru and click on the “VPN” tab.
8. Scroll down a little bit and enter your code above the blue button on the left.
9. Click on the blue button.
10. Confirm the download.
11. Download OpenVPN from http://openvpn.net/index.php/open-source/downloads.html
12. Install OpenVPN.
13. Navigate to the folder where you installed OpenVPN.
14. Open the folder “config” in the OpenVPN directory.
15. Insert the files from “windows/config” in the zip into the “config” folder in your OpenVPN directory.
16. Start “OpenVPN GUI”.
17. Rightclick on the OpenVPN symbol in the task bar.
18. Choose “Russian_server”.
19. Click on Connect.
20. Restart Steam if it is running, if not start it now.
21. Redeem your codes as you normally would do.

The connection will expire after 1 hour so you need to hurry up!
If you get no mail after 10 minutes check your spam folder.
You can switch back to your normal connection to download the game.
Downloading via VPN is slow and not necessary.
You can’t redeem the key over the Steam homepage, use the Steam client!

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