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Darkspore CD Key

Darkspore CD Key
Brand: EA Download Manager - Origin
Product Code: DRS
Availability: Out Of Stock

What will you get

You will get Darkspore CD Key (photo or scan of the cd key from original DVD box). This game can not be activated on Steam platform.

About the game

Darkspore is an online Action-RPG where you can play up to four players in co-op and PvP. Instead of playing a single hero character, you collect and control many heroes, each with their own unique set of special abilities. Battle across alien worlds to collect loot that you can use for upgrades. Deeply customize your heroes in an Editor based on the award-winning Creature Editor technology from Spore™.

Set in a sci-fi universe, E-DNA has escaped the lab and allowed the Darkspore to overrun all planetary life. After eons of hiding in hypersleep, you have been awakened with a mission: Reconstruct an arsenal of Genetic Heroes and destroy the Darkspore!

Key Features:

  • Persistent multiplayer online co-op gameplay
  • Dozens of heroes, hundreds of enemies, thousands of collectible upgrades
  • Award-winning hero editing technology allows for limitless customization
  • Action-RPG with both co-op campaign AND PvP arenas
  • AI director allows for unlimited replayability
  • Matchmaking lets you find other players easily, and Sidekicking enables friends of all levels to play together 



  • We sell Darkspore Cd Key (photo or scan of the original Darkspore cd key).
  • You can buy Darkspore Cd Key from our online cd key store with confidence.
  • This Darkspore Cd Key works WORLDWIDE.
  • This Darkspore Cd Key is used to activate EA Downloader.
  • Darkspore Cd Key CAN NOT be activated on Steam.


How to activate Darkspore Cd Key and download Darkspore game

  • Register online at EA https://www.ea.com/profile/register
  • Click on the link http://eastore.ea.com/eadm, download and install the EA download manager.(This program will be used to activate Darkspore Cd Key and to load Darkspore game )
  • Start the EA download manager and enter the purchased Darkspore Cd Key
  • Download the Darkspore game.

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